What’s up fam! For those who do not know me I am Devin, the Visionary Vessel of Ig’zood. This is for me the third chapter of the what Ig’zood is purposed for. First blog, magazine, now Production Company and Social Enterprise  !

We’ve begun to teach workshops and consult creatives such as yourself ! I am 26 from Suffolk, VA (currently residing in the Chi) and passionate about all finding their creative niche and excelling in that.

We as creation we’re made to create!  Like a piece of art is created, itself creates a perspective, outlook, experience of or on life. We are vessels made to give one another our experiences to learn from, to reach for, and without each other we are not as beautiful because that means we are incomplete. Put us together we are whole . There is power in us meshing as one.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is in Genesis 11, where the people of Babel almost built a tower to heaven because they were unified and in agreement NOTHING could stop them but God. Imagine if we as the world could stand in agreement on at least one thing. Imagine what could we do as one…  The impossible. Let’s strive for that.

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