Why I boohooed crying at Black Girls Dance Conference

The tears began in between sessions..motivational words from Nicole Springer… ” who am I for you to let me defeat you?! If you fear the moves they will eat you alive !!”

Those words punched me hard in the stomach because I know very well giving up or shrinking back when things get tough.

This winter I had finally made the commitment to get back into to dancing when some of my biggest faults were revealed to me by this very women. I honestly was going to quit the show I was in and told myself maybe dance was not for me. But no one around me let me give up.

“The choice to dance is easy but the work to perfect your craft never ends”.

I guess I thought once I made that decision to finally face my fears that a magic wand would wave and my dreams would suddenly all come together . Ha ! Thats a joke because faith without works is dead.

It’s hard having people laugh in your face and judge your process but I kept going taking her advice. It seemed like everytime I renewd my yes to keep going someone would come to encourage me. Months later to hear the very words I had to tell myself every night come from her very lips.

I could no longer let the very moves I was destined to excecute intimidate me !

When I heard about this event I knew I had to be there.

I was going to be in classes where girls were younger and stronger then me in technique and ability but instead of letting it discourage me ..I let it inspire me!


Shame tried to tell me I’d be the oldest person there.

Don’t go.

You aren’t good enough.

It’s embarrassing..

..you can’t pay your on way.

I was sponsored to go and I felt a new awakening there.

Watching the girls dance ..tears came. Simply because I saw everyone’s difference and it was beauty at it’s finest.

We all have something to bring to the table. Young, black and beautiful but that’s not all ..

The last two sessions we were introduced to Miss Millie a 90 year old dancer and proud !!


“Who cares if your the oldest dancer.

Prime is a state of mind.”

She held her head high and imparted gems of confidence from her years of wisdom to us.

This was encouraging to me especially because in the dance world they say your done at the age of 25 and that’s the age I began again.

The topper was a trio that performed in the ending showcase to A Change is Gone Come.


The lyrics and movements hit me even harder then the first punch and tears came pouring…I couldn’t even finish recording because I was balling crying .. I had defeated what terrified me the most fear of failure.  Which is funny because I have a tattoo that says never a failure, always a lesson and that indeed is true. I will forever be a student as long as I’m on this earth.

Saturday represented the change for me within that is taking place in my mind , spirit and soul. I am so proud looking back where I came from and excited about where I’m headed. To stay connected throughout the creative  journey subscribe to our site by leaving your email.

Remember it’s never too late to begin again..the change within starts with you.

For more on my story visit my YouTube channel

Til next time ..Be The Light

*Special thanks to every supporter and sponsor that has helped or pushed me in any way whether you know it or not 💞💃

If your interested in funding any summer intensives or private lessons don’t hesitate to gmail me at igzoodthelight@gmail.com








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