Getting Out of Your Own Way



We often come up with a plethora of projects that we hope to start, but hope won’t get us too far.  Throughout 2016, I worked myself up to many projects.  I’ve constructed goals, plans, even gotten new materials to be able to perform in most extraordinary ways, but I always find myself stagnant.  When asked about previous projects, I  came up with endless excuses to make myself feel better. “School has just been so hectic”, “I just been working so much”, “In my down time, I want to rest” and these are just some subtle examples.  

These are defense mechanisms that express a fear of success and until we come to terms with our ways of “self-sabotage”, we will do nothing to address this pattern.  Self-sabotage often comes in various forms such as procrastination, excuses, and not taking the first steps to getting started.  I chose to speak on this message today because I know it’s something that many people often struggle with, myself included.  We’ll often peek into the lives of others, through social media and other avenues, and question why we don’t hold the same possessions or “success”. The answer lies within ourselves.  

When it comes to “being successful” or getting what you want out of life, you must use resources around you.  There are so many people that openly share their success stories and how to follow their footsteps, like Lisa Nichols.  Lisa Nichols is a black influential speaker who rose from rags to riches with just ambition. In her most recent book, Abundance Now, she discusses how to reach a life full of abundance and prosperity and discusses information to begin transformation.  


“You cannot hit a moving target. Unclear goals make producing clear results impossible.”    -Lisa Nichols

In order to better prepare for a grand end to the year know that it’s never too late to start again, here are a few things to nudge you in the right direction:

  1. Set clear, definite goals (with an achievement timeline)
  2. TAKE THE FIRST LEAP (the smallest steps are the most important)
  3. Celebrate the small wins — because every step gets you closer to your goals

By implementing these 3 things throughout the rest of the year, we will be able to better prepare for a year of greatness and planned success.  Who says the New Year has to have all the excitement…Let’s make this year great again!

Kayla Harrell made her mark here AKA KAYSLAYS. Specializing in Health, Beauty & Mental Awareness recent ODU grad living in the 75. Follow her on social media and subscribe to her YouTube !

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