The Dreams of a Producer

Have you ever wondered how the human imagination, when set free by the limitations of reality, time, space and dimension, can be so wild? We often tap into the realm of the limitless world in the form of Dreams. We dream at different times and in various forms. We dream while sleep. Some of us even dream during the day. We dream for different reasons. Some have dreams that play on their fears, while some of our dreams are reflections of our subconscious fantasies. Dreaming often is the vehicle that can transport us from the shackles of an arresting reality into a world of seamless possibilities…

As a creative dreaming is our native language. If there is one thing I have an abundance of as creative, it is certainly dreams. Dreaming is something we do as a part of our everyday lives…

One of the biggest problems I had as a creative who was a heavy dreamer, was learning how to properly steward what was given to me. Because dreaming was natural to me, I often thought it was just something that I did because of my imagination. I never really thought of the idea that maybe my dreams were more than just a result of my imagination. I never took into consideration the idea that dreams could be a gift from God. Dreams are often the birthplace of ideas, innovations, and trends that shape the very world that we live in. Creatives are the world’s trendsetters. We produce things that shape and mold what people think about themselves, the world around them, and almost every aspect of human lives. More times than not the foundation of what we produce starts as a dream.

Dreams are a lot like infants… If they are not properly taken care of they will not fully develop into what they were meant to be. As a creative, how we steward and take care of what we see, dream and envision, can affect what happens next. Which is why it being so important to us why we need to understand how valuable and important it is for us properly to be able to take what was birthed in the imaginary world and push it into the real one. We need to know what dreams are real? What dreams are just fantasies? What dreams are from God? What dreams are not?

As a creative who for years wrestled to understand what was my imagination and what was not, I came up with a list of question to ask when trying determine the answer…

  1. Are these dreams in line with my purpose?
  2. Have I prayed and asked God what they may mean?
  3. As a creative, are my dreams relevant and/or what could they possibly produce to help shape and mold our world?
  4. How can my dreams be turned into a reality ?


These are just a few questions that we can asked ourselves as creative people that can help us better steward the ability to dream that God has placed in us.


We have world to change, a culture to transform, identities to shape. As a creative dreamer, I encourage us all to dream big and produce big.

-Johnathan Ellison


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